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We are a family in Southern New Hampshire growing two cute kids and a giant garden!

Clint Clint Ellsworth is our resident engineer, posing here with James.  He cuts each kit to order before he ships it out.  He designed these kits, and takes pride in his work.  He comes from a construction background, and is proud to carry on the tradition, while making it his own.  His work is paramount to him. 


Britt Ellsworth is our resident marketing director and gardener, shown here showing off Sienna.  Trying to build this company from the ground up, she believes in health and self-reliance.  She handles advertising, marketing, and the DIY classes.  She is growing all year long out of her 10-foot kit as well as 38-foot custom build that Clint built for her.  If you have any questions about growing in your dome or attending the classes, contact Britt at Britt@HarvestPathway.com.


Why Harvest Pathway?

We believe in choosing the road we travel with gravity and wisdom.  After all, the path leads us to the destination.  We are choosing a road that gives us a constant harvest.  We don’t need to depend on the unsteadiness of the world when we have a way to provide constant nourishment to our growing family.  We can help you travel this road too.  Please email us with any questions you may have.  We are not a big company.  We stand by our work, and we work to help you down the right path.

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