SolaWrap™ 2 Meter Width

SolaWrap™ insulating air bubbles transmit high amounts of light and diffuse it to finish your plants early!



We now offer the premium greenhouse film, SolaWrap™, by the roll!  Apply it to your greenhouse, hoop house or dome!

SolaWrap™ offers high light transmission, high light diffusion, and high insulation, all in one product!  Plants need a lot of light, and the best light for plants is diffused light.  SolaWrap™ allows 83% light transmission, so your plants are getting a lot of light!  The light that SolaWrap™ delivers to your plants is 60-70% diffused light.  That means that your plants are receiving light on all surfaces which enables more photosynthesis.  It has a unique triple layer design that encloses air to insulate your greenhouse.  This gives it an R-factor of 1.7.  SolaWrap™ will not yellow, streak, get brittle, or crack.  It stays clear and beautiful for years.


In the Mediterranean, growers are reporting a three week advancement of tomato crops inside SolaWrap™ greenhouses, when compared to tomato crops under other greenhouse coverings.

Growers in Europe are still growing under the original covering of SolaWrap™ applied 24-30 years ago!

In Manitoba Canada, our associates are growing in a SolaWrap™ greenhouse.  They are heating with an electric space heater only at night three months out of the year.  


Each roll comes 6’6 x 328′ for a total of 2132 sq feet.

SolaWrap™ Roll

SolaWrap™ comes in rolls 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft, or 6.5 ft tall

You can order SolaWrap™ with beading or without.  The beading allows the SolaWrap™ to be pulled through a plastic profile to secure it on a hoop house or greenhouse.  Please see our page on S-Lock if you are applying SolaWrap to a hoop house or greenhouse.  If you are using SolaWrap™ for a dome application, there is no need for the beading.  Please order without beading.

Each roll of SolaWrap™ weighs approximately 175 lbs.

SolaWrap™ can easily be cut with a knife or scissors for application.


Please contact us at for bulk orders of 10 rolls or more for a special discounted rate.

For pricing and to order, please call (603) 325-1232 or email at



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