Mother Earth News Article Featuring a Harvest Pathway Dome!

On March 23, 2013 by Britt

If you check out the April/May 2013 issue of Mother Earth News, you’ll see a picture of one of our greenhouse dome kits!  The article is about purchasing a greenhouse kit.  We are excited to be featured in such a well known publication.  

Mother Earth News Article 

Our 10, 14, and 18 ft diameter kits are perfect for the backyard grower.  We also offer custom kits larger than 20′ in diameter, in any size you need.  

Other types of greenhouse kits are not as strong as a dome.  Domes provide more resistance to wind and snow because they have many more joints than square greenhouses.  A traditional greenhouse can spin like a top or fall over in the wind.  Not so with a dome!  Domes withstand wind like a golf ball.

We also cover our domes with SolaWrap.  This honeycomb bubble polyethylene film withstands 100 lbs/sq ft of snow load, flexes with temperature changes without needing additional (read: costly) supports, and provides the best light for your plants.  You get high transparency as well as high diffusion, which you won’t find in another covering.  You also get high insulation, and longevity.  No SolaWrap greenhouse has ever needed to be re-covered in 30 years!  In Manitoba, Canada, our affiliates are growing strawberries in January in a SolaWrap greenhouse with only a space heater going at night.  Their greenhouse was built in 2006, and still has the same light transparency and diffusion qualities as day 1.  SolaWrap lasts longer, gives better light, and insulates better than polycarbonate*, polyethylene, and glass.

These kits are perfect for growing food for your family year-round, enjoying fresh-cut flowers all year long, and having an oasis to escape to.  Just picture having the perfect place to go to escape from the Christmas party where your uncle is telling the same story for the hundredth time, but every time it gets a little more unbelievable.  Or when you don’t want to turn on the TV because of your phobia of re-runs.  Just go out to your greenhouse dome where the landscape is always changing.  You can grab a snack from your pea plants, feed your fish for fun, and peruse your planting plans.  

Your next shindig could even be “catered” by your greenhouse dome!  

*double wall polycarbonate


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  • hi there do you have anyone in saskatchewan that sell solawrap, or were in manitoba iam right on the sask/man boarder, thanks for your time

    • There are distributors up in Canada. Check out grow for more information. Happy growing! -Britt

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